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  1. Young Teenage girl holding interactive screens for schools in a classroom environment

    Interactive Screens for Schools: Can Clevertouch Boost Exam Results?

    Discover how using Clevertouch technology can enhance study and boost exam results. It’s a time of year students and teachers both dread: exam seas...

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  2. Flexible Teaching in 2017 teachers close up of teacher's hand touching a tablet on a desk in a classroom with a blackboard and writing in the background

    Importance of a Flexible Teaching Approach

    In 2017, flexible teaching is more important than ever. But what is it and why is it should you be using it?In 2017, we have a much better underst...

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  3. Blank digital signage on the street

    Boosting Sales with Digital Signage: 3 Unbeatable Benefits

    In our referendum world, businesses are facing an increased level of pressure to boost their sales and keep their heads above water. While businesses...

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