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    Large electric projector screen installation at Dagenham and Essex school sports hall

    See short time laps video or the Netcom AV team installing a new 6 metre projector screen within their brand new sports hall.Installation includes P...

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  2. A man uses audio visual technology in presenting in front of a team

    Audio-Visual Solutions in Education: Mistakes to Avoid

    The use of audio-visual solutions is widespread across all education platforms. Whether it is within schools, universities or workplace training schem...

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  3. Multimedia classroom with computers, screen and speakers

    How The Cost Of Primary School ICT Could Be Affected By Brexit

    Brexit quickly became the biggest talking point of 2016. But, with the spotlight falling on our country’s global reputation, has its impact on our e...

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  4. How Digital Signage Can Improve the Mood of UK Businesses

    According to a survey by the Federation of Small Businesses, the mood of SMEs in the UK has become increasingly negative. While it may not be an overn...

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