Looking for supply and install for all you server rooms and data centres needs, we can help

Developing a secure and efficient server room is a top priority for IT professionals. Whether your company seeks to refurbish its current server room infrastructure or to design a server room from scratch, our expertise can help your company move from the planning stage through implementation and maintenance.

A server room should function as a carefully controlled environment. Choice of location, the amount of space required and the related power requirements are all important factors that need to be considered when building or redesigning a server room. Netcom has the team to assess these factors and to design a server room perfectly suited to your needs. When it comes to providing scalability, flexibility, and high availability Netcom can provide the products and the installation service including ongoing support.

Data Centre Services

  • Data Centre Racking & Cabinets – Procurement, installation, configuration, repair, upgrade, removal, relocation, spares and accessories, design and product selection consultancy.
  • Data Centre Servers/Hardware – Relocation, installation, removal, cabling, hardware upgrade, re-patching and re-stack.
  • Data Centre Cabling – Structured cabling design and installation (Fibre and Copper), switch/equipment looming, pre patching, labelling, patch cable supply, cable containment installation (secure & open).
  • Specialist Data Centre Cleaning – Ad hoc, spot clean, intensive/high impact cleaning, regular interval scheduled cleans.
  • Data Centre Clearance – Under floor cabling removal, equipment removal and complete strip out.

Data Centre Consultancy Services

  • Process Engineering – Creation, development and streamlining of policy and procedure documentation for data centre operational practices.
  • Data Centre Equipment Audits – Equipment and capacity planning software/snap shot view with full asset inventories.
  • Capacity Management – Power-train, cooling, rack and cabling capacity auditing and development of future growth plans strategies.
  • Project/Programme Management – PRINCE2 based project management.
  • Supplier Management – Creation, development and streamlining of supplier processes, engagement models, service level agreements and cost models.

Other Services

  • M&E – design, installation, maintenance and upgrades
  • Security Services – Rack level security, physical, CCTV, access control, biometrics, door entry, etc
  • Power monitoring solutions
  • Environmental monitoring solutions
  • Project management
  • On Call support services
  • Equipment decommissioning and secure disposal services.