Looking for supply and install Digital IRS/SMATV systems for satellite dishes, DAB and digital terrestrial aerials, WE are here to help

As a single source supplier and installer, Netcom92 are able to provide a full solution for your digital broadcast system throughout the entire building including the installation of roof top hardware such as Satellite dishes, DAB and digital terrestrial aerials and any broadcast presentation hardware such as wall mounted TVs, video walls, Projection systems and large format displays.

Along with our working at height services we offer the safe option for installation and maintenance


Digital IRS/SMATV systems

IRS – Integrated reception systems: The most common communal system whereby only one satellite dish and aerial is required for the whole building. Each end user can tailor their set up accordingly and choose whichever services they require. The cabling infrastructure provides the relative signal without the requirement for accessing the roof for each individual tenant.

DTT – Digital terrestrial television: This system is for digital TV aerial signal only.

SMATV – Satellite master antenna TV systems: Ideally suited for Hotel use. Whereby, there is one receiver per satellite channel funnelled through an aerial system. Therefore, each room can utilise the nominated satellite channels. IE: no required satellite receiver for each room.

FIRS – Fibre optic systems: As per the IRS system but with larger capabilities. The perfect solution for long distances and extra large systems