Need a point to point wireless link?

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Point to Point solutions consist of cost-effective wireless ethernet bridges and extensions with high throughput that transmit data with maximum reliability, under the harshest conditions and in non-line-of-sight situations. High-performance bridges make reaching the remote, out-of-reach areas easier than ever. Operating in a variety of frequencies, these solutions provide reliable connectivity in even the most challenging environments. If you are looking to wirelessly connect two or more of your buildings together and require top quality performance along with 99.999% availability as well as a replacement for leased lines or fibres, then Point to Point technology is the right choice.

Point to Multipoint solutions deliver proven, scalable and interference-resistant connectivity to multiple business, institutional, municipal or residential locations. These solutions are available in licensed or unlicensed bands. Netcom92 works together with vendors to bring its customer the best in wireless Point to Multipoint solutions, ideal in situations when several buildings need connecting together, for video surveillance and CCTV networks or for high-speed LAN or WLAN networks.

building to building link building to building link

We offer product supply, installation and maintenance services for interbuilding links, this includes “line of sight” & “non line of site” solutions.

Laser Link Network Installations

We also offer a full “free space optic” Laser Link Netowrk Installation solutions for inter building links providing Mbit or Gbit laser links. Offering a full site survey and planned installations which can provide value added solutions to any wireless links.