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    Video Conference system upgrade

    Full upgrade from a single 90" screen to two 86" screens and swap out a Starleaf VC system to a Polycom Trio system with ceiling microphones....

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  2. CCTV cameras

    All You Need To Know About CCTV Cameras

    Unfortunately, crime is on the increase, especially knife crime, and everyone is looking for a way to decrease it and eventually put an end to it. The...

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  3. office furniture

    Why It's Important To Have The Right Office Furniture

    Everything you do in your office has an impact. From the colour of the walls to the seating layout, to the lighting, it all makes a difference. So, wh...

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  4. video conferencing

    The Benefits Of Utilising Video Conferencing For Your Business

    If you haven’t already implemented video conferencing as a tool in your business, then now is the time. Video is becoming a more effective and effic...

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  5. projector

    How To Modernise Your Business With Audio Visuals

    Technology is improving at an exponential rate, so it’s important that your business keeps up to date with it in order to get ahead of your competit...

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