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  1. Young Teenage girl holding interactive screens for schools in a classroom environment

    Interactive Screens for Schools: Can Clevertouch Boost Exam Results?

    Discover how using Clevertouch technology can enhance study and boost exam results. It’s a time of year students and teachers both dread: exam seas...

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  2. Flexible Teaching in 2017 teachers close up of teacher's hand touching a tablet on a desk in a classroom with a blackboard and writing in the background

    Importance of a Flexible Teaching Approach

    In 2017, flexible teaching is more important than ever. But what is it and why is it should you be using it?In 2017, we have a much better underst...

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  3. network media converters and ethernet switches

    ICT Consultancy Tips: 5 Ways to Improve Your Business' Setup

    Looking for some top tips on how to maximise the potential of your IT department from an expert ICT consultancy firm? Today is your lucky day.Time...

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  4. An electrician installing a CCTV

    Safety in a Digital Age: Security Tech Your Business Needs Right Now

    From CCTV installation to setting up secure data sharing, we look at security tech you can’t afford to ignore.Security has never been so importa...

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  5. Woman using an interactive digital signage at a shopping mall

    These Case Studies Demonstrate the Power of Digital Signage

    Considering digital signage for your business? Check out how the quickly-rising advertising and information platform transformed these four businesses...

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