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  1. Brand new office with screens and long meeting table

    Redesigning Your Office: What You Need To Consider

    Redesigning your office can present a lot of benefits. It can create a productive space, which motivates your employees and makes it easier for them t...

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  2. Security cameras pointing below

    Why You Should Opt For Security Cameras In 2019

    It is likely that you have noticed that the implementation of CCTV systems is on the rise. Nonetheless, there are still those who deter from installin...

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  3. Placeholder

    Large electric projector screen installation at Dagenham and Essex school sports hall

    See short time laps video or the Netcom AV team installing a new 6 metre projector screen within their brand new sports hall.Installation includes P...

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  4. cabinet tidy up

    Data cabinet - Keeping it tidy

    Have you even considered the amount of revenue wasted with regards to time it takes to try and work around this mess? With the amount of add, moves an...

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  5. fibre optic wires plugged in

    Choosing the right fiber optic connectivity

    Choosing the right fiber across your networksales@netcom92.com40G bandwidths are now being widely adopted within LANs and Data Centres. 100G is st...

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