The requirement:

Due to Netcom being an established member of the BT structured cabling service partner team we were invited to provide design, installation and support for the structured cabling installation requirements throughout the Olympics. This included the Test events in 2011 and the full games including Paralympics events in 2012.
The company was overjoyed with the chance to offer their services to this prestigious event.

Netcom provided a first class service throughout the games making this one of the prestigious events we could be a part of.

The installation services were required to be carried out in extremely tight timescales due to the types of environments involved. Netcom carried out the largest of the installations outside of the main Olympic park.

This work was carried out alongside our normal work requirements without losing our installation quality which has made us one of the best installers in the structured cabling industry.

The full requirements were:

  • Structured cabling for Horse Guards Parade – beach volleyball. 3000+ Cat6 data outlets, 18miles of fibre cable, 46 full size cabinets.
  • Structured cabling for The Mall – cycling, running, walking. 2000+ Cat6 data outlets, 6 miles of fibre cable, 8 full size cabinets.
  • Structured cabling for Lee Valley – canoeing. 1500+ Cat6 data outlets, 8 miles of fibre cable and 17 full size cabinets
  • Structured cabling for Earls Court – indoor volleyball. 1700+ Cat6 data outlets, 9 miles of fibre cable and 21 full sized comms cabinets.

Timescales for the installation of ALL of the above……… 9 weeks.
3 weeks on support for the main games
2 weeks on support for the Paralympics
2 weeks for removal of all installed services

Horse Guards Parade – beach volleyball:

The structured cabling coved all network cabling for computers, phones, CCTV, fibre and TV distribution. These are just some for the photos of work we did.



The Mail – cycling, running, walking:


Lee Valley – canoeing: