The requirement:

In January 2013 Ewell Castle School came to BETT show looking for a company to completely re-cable and re-wire an existing ICT suite. They found Netcom’s stand and the relationship began. The enquiry was passed to our sales manager and a pre-sales consultation meeting was arranged and booked for that same week.

Ewell Castle School needed to upgrade their ICT suite to accommodate more PC hardwire. The suite only had half the PC’s hardwired to the network with the other half being connected via a wireless solution which was causing issues.
Ewell Castle School was looking for a company who could take care of the entire project including product supply, installation and design.

The full requirements were:
• 22 x Cat5s data outlets connected to an existing wall mounted cabinet
• 22 x twin electrical sockets
• Fuse board upgrade
• 3 Compartment trunking system to house the new cabling
• Bespoke cable management system for the ICT desks to hide trailing cables

Structured cabling and outlet locations:

Once we had preferred floor plans we created a cabling plan for the Cat5e user outlets. Netcom would install 22 new data outlets and 22 twin electrical sockets situated around the room. We installed an outlet at each work station which was situated in our under desk cable containment. The 3 remaining outlets where placed for printers, scanners and laptops.

The cables were routed round the classroom through 3 compartment trunking system. This trunking prevents any tampering and also adds to the aesthetics of the room.

The new Cat5e outlets were terminated at the cabinet within our patch panels. Netcom then patched all the new outlets into the relevant data switches which we provided and installed.

The data outlets were then performance tested with our Fluke testing equipment. Each workstation would now have its own data outlet ensuring optimum network speed and connection.

Remote Cat5e Outlets:

Ewell Castle School wants to offer ICT provisions to the pupils in every classroom. To offer this they need to have data provisions in every room.

The requirement was to install 22 new Cat5e data outlets into the classroom and 22 x twin electrical sockets. Netcom would then connect these data outlets to remote wall cabinets. The wall cabinets are linked back to the main comms cabinet in the ICT suite.

All electrical installations were tested on completion to meet the required electrical regulations.

Netcom installed the new outlets by using internal room trunking and presented the outlets within double gang back boxes.

All the new data outlets and cabinet links were performance tested with our Fluke testing equipment.