Discover how using Clevertouch technology can enhance study and boost exam results.

It’s a time of year students and teachers both dread: exam season.

For students, it probably means nights lying awake, worrying over results, outcomes and further education placements. For teachers, it means nights lying awake, worrying over results, outcomes and what’s going to happen to their pupils come next September.

Right now, what you need are tools and resources to help support the revision process. Netcom 92’s Clevertouch screens could be the answer.

Technology has been proven to enhance the learning process, boosting memory retention and improving test results. Teachers themselves support the use of tech, too, saying they’ve seen a rise in exam scores after the introduction of technology to the classroom.

The Best Interactive Screens for Schools: Why Clevertouch?

At a time where getting better results is crucial, the right tech could be exactly what you are looking for. Here’s how Clevertouch could change the way you educate:


At Netcom 92, we are advocates of the flexible teaching approach. We believe that a free-flowing classroom environment promotes better learning opportunities. However, in order to have flexibility, you must have the resources to do so.

Clevertouch screens have built-in software that allows you to easily flow from one topic to the other, moving between subjects and discussions quickly. As a result, educators are able to adapt to the thoughts and discussions of the room, moving their class in a way they want to be moved, rather than forcing them to follow a lesson structure that might not be working.

For example, you could be talking about photosynthesis, but the materials you are using aren’t reaching your pupils. With Clevertouch, a few taps of the screen takes you to different resources that could prove far more useful to the young minds in front of you.


Clevertouch screens aren’t just lone pieces of technology. They are integrated into a network of other screens. Don’t worry: nobody can access and mess around with your device, but you can connect to a community of other users, uploading and sharing resources, lesson plans and software.

This means if you don’t have the tools you need, you can jump onto the community pages and grab what you need, adapting the previous lesson plans other educators have created using their software and more.

Simply put, Clevertouch screens give you easy access to resources that you’d never be able to get without it, allowing you to provide students with a richer, more diverse learning experience.


British schooling often follows a very typical methodology of audio-visual learning. This has shown to be an efficient and effective way of educating people, but there is another style that is picking up a lot of traction: kinesthetic learning.

Together, these three methods (visual, audio, kinesthetic) create the “VAK” learning ideology: an ideology that suggests a pupil is better suited to using either visualisation, auditory stimulation, or movement and physical activity to learn.

While those suited to audio or visual learning are well catered to within the modern schooling environment, this is not the case for kinesthetic learners. As a result, these types of learners might not get the results they are capable of, as the teaching environment is not playing to their strengths.

Clevertouch screens feature multiple options for interactivity, which helps engage the kinesthetic learning style. When used with audio and visual methods, Clevertouch can ensure you cover all the bases and get the most out of students.


It’s no secret that students get bored easily. Their minds wonder, their phones buzz. In the modern classroom, one of the biggest struggles an educator faces is holding the attention of their audience.

Reciting information from a textbook or pitching a bland PowerPoint presentation isn’t going to keep students engaged for long, but you can hope to hold their attention more through the integration of Clevertouch.

As smart technology, Clevertouch allows you to introduce all kinds of media to your lessons. This includes:

  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Photos
  • Soundbites
  • Music
  • Audio recordings
  • Games
  • Interactive resources

Creating a more dynamic lesson structure by introducing interesting learning elements is key to keeping students engaged. The more a student is engaged, the more they’ll absorb and learn. The more they learn, the better they’ll fair come exam day.

Looking for an interactive screen for your school and think it’s about time you enjoyed the benefits of Clevertouch technology? Netcom 92 is a leading UK supplier. We’ll not only provide the device but also install it and get it ready for teaching, too!