When you’re in school, you’re taught a whole host of different things. Looking away from the actual lessons, you go through various learning curves during your time in education, all of which help to mould you into the person you are when you leave and enter the world of work.

With the basic English, Maths and Science forming the foundations of your future success, I’m sure everyone who has left school will agree that we don’t use everything we learnt in these three lessons in particular, but they put us in a good position to succeed later in life.

It’s because of this why as ICT suppliers for schools, we strongly believe investment should be made into ICT suites.

Look back a couple of decades when it was essentially expected that women would leave school and become housewives. They would need to know how to cook and bake, how to make and fix clothes and basically, how to be the best housewife they could.

In these times, the necessary skills were taught at school. ’Home Economics’ formed a vital part of a young girl’s school education and when they left, there was very little worry that they wouldn’t be able to fulfil any expectations of them.

Now transfer that situation to today’s environment. Students of both genders are going to leave school and it’s almost guaranteed that they’re going to be involved in ICT of some sort. In fact, to all intents and purposes ICT is what makes the world go round and it’s almost a necessity that everyone should have an understanding of it.

Obviously individual requirements will differ, but in our eyes, ICT suites in schools need to be as effective as they can be. Students need to be given the best opportunity to succeed once they leave school when it comes to ICT and during their educational years, they need to be continually encouraged to learn more and develop their ICT skills further.

We know that plenty of schools are doing this already, but we always feel it’s important to reiterate our thoughts, as it’s often the case that those schools who aren’t doing it aren’t doing so because they don’t want to, but because they don’t know how best to start – and that’s where we come in!

Having an extensive knowledge of all things related to ICT in schools, we love working with schools to develop new ICT suites and feel confident that no matter what your individual requirements are, we’ll provide a suite that’s going to meet them perfectly.