When we first speak to clients about ICT in secondary schools, we so often find that they aren’t fully aware of just what it is we can deliver.

They’ll contact us for a specific reason, only to find that after speaking with us for half an hour, we can deliver a whole host of other services that could be particularly beneficial to their school.

And one such service is digital signage.

Sometimes known as ‘school TV’, there are a whole host of different benefits to having digital signage throughout your school and the following three reasons are just a selection of the most notable.

1. They increase student satisfaction

By the time children reach secondary school, they’re already completely au fait with computers and the majority will have their own mobile phone. A few years in and they’ll be spending just as much time on Facebook and Twitter as they are chatting to their friends face-to-face.

Today, technology is a part of our everyday lives and particularly for younger generations, they thrive upon engaging and interacting with new technology.

Therefore, by implementing digital signage through a school, you instantly have a positive impact on how a student views being there in general, subsequently having an effect on their satisfaction – and when a student is happy being at school, there’s a greater likelihood they’re going to succeed as they want to be there.

2. They allow for more efficient processes

When you have digital signage located right throughout your school, you not only have screens that everyone can see, but you have full control over what’s shown on them. This means that with some careful planning and preparation, you can impact positively on various processes you implement.

For example, look at something relatively routine like lunch menus. If you can display them on the digital signs on the approach to the canteen area, students are given the ability to choose what they want to eat before they even see the food, something that could drastically reduce waiting times.

For something more serious, we can look at emergencies, such as fire evacuations. Rather than relying on students – and teachers – to remember exactly where they need to be or go, the signs can provide full and clear instructions.

What’s more, if there’s genuinely an emergency and certain fire exits are out of bounds, the signs could detail this, reducing the likelihood of it taking longer than necessary to evacuate the building.

3. They can improve the school’s image

When you have a school full of digital signage – technology that is still a relative novelty and thus instantly attracts people – it portrays a fantastic image of the school to everyone from students and teachers to parents and governors.

Forward-thinking. Modern. Innovative. They’re all words you can expect to hear associated to a school that makes full use of a digital signage facility, overall increasing how positive of a light you’re seen in.

Offering a vast array of different services when it comes to ICT in schools, we love talking about digital signage as we’re completely confident of its ability to have a particularly positive impact on any school environment – and if you have any questions at all about it, you simply have to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.