We do our utmost at Netcom ICT to provide the best all-round service we possibly can.

From learning resources such as a Promethean interactive whiteboard through to full-scale ICT suite refurbishments, we never do anything to compromise the quality of any aspect of the service we provide. This is because we understand just how important it is to get everything possible as perfect as it can be.

In some instances, it’s relatively easy to understand what needs to be done to fully satisfy our customers and the end-users of the products we install. In others, however, it can seem like nothing more than a fleeting thought needs to be given to them, when the truth is in fact the exact opposite.

And computer desks are a perfect example.

We know that for many, choosing the right computer desk is simply a matter of whichever is the most affordable. Nothing else is taken into consideration.

However, when we provide desks at Netcom ICT, we do so with a range of different aspects in mind, as we strongly believe that the right computer desks can be vital to delivering the best ICT in schools and offer the best facilities for students.

For example, although the right chairs have a lot to do with posture, the right desks can have a huge impact, too. Something that’s particularly important for growing bones, the right equipment encourages the correct and proper posture when using a machine from an early age (no slouching!), something that can help to prevent back problems in the future.

The security of your ICT equipment can also be linked to the right desks, too.

Whilst it would be great to live in a world where we didn’t have to think about theft, we unfortunately don’t and it’s because of this why you need to feel confident that you’re doing as much as possible to keep your ICT equipment safe and secure.

All of the desks we provide have the ability to have an array of security features fitted to them. All varying to suit individual needs and requirements, by greatly reducing the risk of theft, you also reduce the likelihood that students will have to share machines, for example, something that can have a negative effect on the learning experience.

And to broaden the usage of the desks on offer, we have some that double-up as a normal desk, with the computer basically ‘flipping up’ out of the desk.

We know that most ICT work is practical, but sometimes as a teacher, we understand its good to draw excited eyes away from the machines and to you, so being able to ensure the machines aren’t on display constantly can be a huge benefit.

What’s more, it also, ensures the room doesn’t just have to be an ICT suite and can be used for a multitude of different purposes, increasing the versatility of the learning space considerably.

It’s also important to understand that when we provide desks to schools, it’s not just about the desks themselves either, but the layout of them.

We offer a completely free room design service at Netcom ICT, meaning you can rest assured you’re getting the optimum amount of use out of the space you have available, reducing any wasted floorspace and increasing the effectiveness of the teaching area.

Fully understanding that every client’s requirements differ, it’s important to us as ICT suppliers for schools that our clients understand why certain approaches are taken or products offered, especially if they haven’t given them much thought themselves – and computer desks really are a prime example.