In our eyes, we strongly believe that the most effective and efficient ICT environments are made up of two parts – one being the actual equipment and technology used and the other being the way it’s situated and accessed.

The reason behind this is it’s all well and good having the latest equipment, such as a Promethean interactive whiteboard, but if the layout of the room means only half of the class can see it, it means the learning experience isn’t as effective as it could be.

What’s more, it can very easily be the case that an ICT suite has been developed over time, with new machines added as and when – and where – possible. Not only can this mean that certain students can’t see the teacher, but it could result in the room’s space not being used to its full potential.

It’s because of all of this why at Netcom ICT, we offer a completely free room design service.

Having worked with schools for many years now, we know just how important it is to have an ICT suite that not only gives the teacher full view of every student in the room and clear access to them all, but ensures that the most students possible can benefit from the room at any one time without being cramped.

As every room we work with is different, we first carry out a detailed room survey, which acts as the base guide from which our experienced consultants provide in-depth recommendations on how the ICT suite could potentially be laid out.

Using the latest CAD software, we aim to produce three or four different room designs for the school to choose from, all of which will be beneficial to both students and teachers alike.

And whilst the school obviously has the final say as to which room design they’d like to utilise, we don’t just provide the designs and run. Instead, we offer as much advice as is needed to ensure the design chosen really is the most suitable one for their requirements.

Our sole aim at Netcom ICT is to provide ICT solutions that are truly going to be of benefit to our clients.

With extensive experience working within the education sector, we’ve developed a considerable knowledge that means whether you’re looking for assistance with wifi in schools or a completely new ICT environment, we can provide it all – and our completely free room design service is a perfect example of just how far we’re happy to go to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of our customers.