Back in January, we gave you an insight into five ICT services we provide to schools regularly.

Some of our most notable services, we covered things such as desk installation and wireless networks.

However, they’re not by any means they only services we offer and today we want to provide some information on a selection of other services we continually deliver.

1. Electrical Cabling

If there’s one thing you can guarantee every school requires when it comes to ICT, it’s electrical cabling.

From installing new light sockets through to complete suite re-wiring, our engineers are NIC/EIC approved, meaning you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the highest quality service possible.

2. ICT Security

As technology develops, it becomes more and more of a valuable asset – and when something’s valuable, it’s a target for thieves.

It’s because of this why we offer a vast array of different security options for various pieces of ICT in schools, such as secure PC enclosures, laptop boxes and projector cages.

3. ICT Hardware

The basis of every ICT suite is the hardware. From the actual computers students are using through to interactive whiteboards that have become a staple of so many classrooms in recent years, the equipment can essentially ‘make or break’ the success of a suite.

Able to provide every piece of ICT hardware you’d require, from actual machines through to telephones, our free pre-sales consultation will mean you get the most suitable hardware for both your requirements and budget.

4. Air Conditioning

Although some may look at this point and wonder why we offer air conditioning in a country where summer seems to have passed us by in recent years, air conditioning is almost a must for ICT suites.

With what could easily be 20 computers running simultaneously for over six hours a day, without an air conditioning system in place, the suite could become particularly hot, making an uncomfortable environment to both learn and teach in.


Linked in with our ICT security point above, we understand that there’s a need to look after more than just ICT hardware in schools and the safety of all students is vital.

Fully qualified and equipped to plan, develop and implement an extensive CCTV solution in any environment, we have various options available to ensure you get the best coverage possible for your specific requirements.

As experienced ICT suppliers for schools, we do our utmost to offer as many services as we possibly can to ensure you not only get what you need, but that what we deliver is going to be of the most benefit possible.