Whilst we provide ICT solutions to any organisation who requires them, over the years we’ve come to specialise in ICT in schools.

Able to assist with an array of different ICT needs, our knowledge and experience means that whether you’re looking for the full design of an ICT environment or simply need a new piece of equipment provided and installed, we can do it all.

Looking at the range of services we provide to schools, the following are five of the most notable.

1. Complete ICT Suites

Understanding the importance of having an ICT suite that is modern and suited to students’ requirements, but which also makes the best use of what can be a small space and developed within an often restrictive budget, at Netcom ICT, we draw on our years of knowledge and experience to design and create ICT suites that are perfectly suited to all of your needs.

2. Desk Installation

As important as the actual computing equipment is in schools, without the right furniture, the entire experience could be less than favourable.

Therefore, we aim to stock a vast array of different desks to suit all needs – including every age group – so you can be confident that all students get the most they possibly can from their ICT time.

3. Bespoke Benching

Over the years, we’ve come to understand that not only does every client have different requirements in terms of the technology they require, but there are often physical constraints in terms of the building’s rooms that we have to work with.

Due to this reason, we have a range of bespoke benching that we can provide and install to ensure the space available within the room is made use of in the best way possible.

4. Interactive Whiteboards

Ever since interactive whiteboards first came to the market, we’ve been providing them here at Netcom ICT.

Understanding just how fantastic they can be as a learning tool, we have a range of interactive whiteboards for schools to suit every budget.

5. Wireless Networks

As schools are continually growing and expanding in both their ICT requirements and in a physical sense, it is becoming increasingly important to have an effective, scalable wireless network in place.

Extremely versatile and able to fit in with all specific requirements, we can advise, develop and implement a wireless network for all schools, whether you’re looking for a single access point or a multi-site system.

Our aim at Netcom ICT is to provide our clients with the highest quality products and services possible at a price they can afford.

Working extensively with schools, we’ve gained a considerable knowledge of this sector and feel confident that we can meet – and exceed – any expectations for ICT for schools.